Over 3 Million TLS Certificates are being revoked by “Let’s Encrypt”

“Let’s Encrypt” an SSL and TLS certificate provider has issued it’s 1 Billionth TLS Certificate just a couple of weeks ago, allowing websites to run over HTTPS which makes the traffic encrypted between the visitors and website.

And now it has already begun to revoke more than 3 million TLS certificates due to a bug founded in their CAA (Certificate Authority Authorization) code. The CA (Certificate Authority) software by Let’s Encrypt, dubbed as “Boulder”, caused the domain control validation errors resulting Let’s Encrypt to take this decision.

They confirmed the bug at 2020-02-29 03:08 UTC, and after two minutes they stopped issuing new certificates. After fixing the bug after 2 hours, they re-enabled issuing the certificates.

Let’s Encrypt have already informed the affected users with an email and also posted a list of affected certificates with account IDs, available for the download.

Users can also check if their domain is affected by this bug: https://checkhost.unboundtest.com/

Read more: Let’sEncrypt (source)

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