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5 Lucrative Website Security Careers You Might Not Know About

The rapid growth of website security over the past decade signals the increase in opportunities for career seekers in the industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 33% increase in the employment of information security analysts, who primarily work in website and network security, in the next decade. Therefore, it’s worth knowing which jobs are gaining traction within large-scale companies, government agencies, and multinational organizations–especially if you’re looking to join the field.

Today, we’ll explore five lucrative website security careers you might not know about:

1. Digital Forensics Investigator

As a digital forensics investigator, you can assist law enforcement agencies in solving crimes by retrieving information from web content. Private companies can also benefit since you’ll be working with a managed security service provider. Our blog post on ways to improve cybersecurity for businesses listed common cybersecurity threats that can cause large-scale website data breaches. Investing in a digital forensics investigator can provide businesses with the measures they need to protect their data.

A digital forensics investigator can make $69,000 per year. The rewarding work can change the landscape of internet security.

2. Cryptographer

Cryptography is a job for those who enjoy codes and puzzles. Cryptographers develop the algorithms and cybersecurity systems used to encode and encrypt data algorithms. Because they secure sensitive website information, cryptographers often work for financial institutions, government agencies, and large multinational corporations that rely on digital data transmissions through their online platforms.

If you have superb analytical skills and enjoy applying logic and creativity in solving problems, this might be the perfect job for you. With a median salary of $112,500 per year, there is no doubt that this is a lucrative opportunity with plenty of space for professional growth.

3. Penetration Tester

Penetration testers, or pen testers for short, identify and resolve security vulnerabilities by performing engineered cyberattacks on websites. While doing so, they document the whole process and write reports to help website owners design more robust security solutions. Ultimately, pen testers safeguard the entire system without causing any damage, unlike what white hat hackers do.

The average salary of pen testers is $112,000. Pen testing is a rapidly evolving career since technology changes at accelerated speeds. Thus, there are plenty of opportunities to earn more in this profession.

4. White Hat Hacker

A white hat hacker, also known as an ethical hacker, finds the vulnerabilities in websites before the cybercriminals (or “black hat hackers”) find them. Once they find and report the loopholes, they can try to override website settings. Although hackers are commonly considered evil, white hat hackers are praised for their work.

Besides being a quick problem solver, a white hacker must be an efficient communicator. Business News Daily suggests that a white hat hacker must know how to think and act like a black hat hacker and be two steps ahead of them.

Because the work they do is necessary for website data security, white hat hackers earn a median salary of $80,000. With ethical hacking on the rise, more opportunities for this kind of career will be available in the next few years.

5. Threat Hunter

Threat hunters are proactive lines of defense in the website security infrastructure. Threat hunting adds a human element to securing web networks by combing through data. These professionals search for malware that automated systems might have missed and neutralize threats before they materialize into actual attacks.

By anticipating security breaches before they happen, threat hunters are valuable assets to a business or organization’s digital system. They are quick and hands-on while keeping up with the latest intelligence on website security. Threat Hunters can earn as much as $137,000 per year.

Sum up..

Because the use of cyber networks and websites is virtually essential in every industry today, these professionals are needed everywhere. These exciting jobs, coupled with the high demand from different sectors, make a career in website security worth considering.

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