Every passing year gifts something new to the concept of digitalization to lead through new opportunities and transformations. Since the world is rapidly adopting technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning into their operational practices, the requirement to monitor these technologies for compliance, standardization, and security, has also increased. The change, moreover, has been rapid, and the arrival of the unprecedented pandemic has further propelled the market shifts. 

Security testing services are defined as the entire spectrum of services that enable a faultless functioning of the application, network, and device in an atmosphere where all potential susceptibilities have been evaluated, acknowledged, and alleviated. These services, furthermore, aim to offer integrity, confidentiality, and safety for the data through the application’s features. The security testers focus on the entire infrastructure making it safe and free from potential bugs and vulnerabilities.

But as security testing has changed and evolved, cybercriminals also have progressed equally. It has therefore become significant for our security testers to think one step ahead for optimal security. The market players and companies have boarded in search of the latest and advanced security testing solutions. With suitable strategies and investments, the market is forwarding towards expansion. In addition, an array of activities are taking place in the market field expecting to help in strengthening solutions. This article, moreover, aims to provide a few of these recent happenings. Mergers and partnerships have always been a predominant trend in the industry. Along with this the market players, furthermore, are now thinking to empower their partners. 

CodeSonar is a static code analysis tool that automates the detection of coding defects to boost the implementation of DevSecOps practices in embedded software development pipelines. Moreover, the tool now supports key languages including C, C++, C#, and Java with GitHub actions aiming to provide developers a smooth DevSecOps experience.

The rising technological trends and industrialization is turning the idea of digital transformation into reality. With technology becoming more worthwhile, software testing as well has gained momentum since it can generate steady and secure digital ecosystems with seamless functionalities and performance. Besides, digital ecosystems are becoming more prevalent, and with this, the requirement for improved IoT testing, big data testing, AI testing, and other testing methodologies is projected to increase for better experiences. The security testing market, therefore, is expected to grow significantly in the approaching time. According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the global security testing market is estimated to garner $36.78 billion by 2030.

The increasing requirement for secure endpoint protection for web and mobile-based business-critical applications is one of the major reasons behind the elevated market growth. In addition, the strict government regulations to surge adoption of security testing solutions and services also boost the growth. Moreover, the adoption of cloud-based security testing has increased along with the development of technologies. And the implementation of new technologies for security testing solutions is expected to promote the industry along with unlocking numerous prospects for the market players in the near future.

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