According to a recent report published by a email security company Vade Secure, the number of WhatsApp phishing URLs has increased in Q4-2019 after a 13,467.6% huge QoQ increase in the number of unique phishing URLs targeting its users.

The company Vade Secure detected more than 5,000 unique WhatsApp phishing URLs placing Whatsapp at the 5th spot for most impersonated brand in phishing attacks.

Top 7 Brands and their Unique phishing URL counts:

  • 1st > PayPal – more than 11K unique phishing URLs
  • 2nd > Facebook – more than 9.5K unique phishing URLs
  • 3rd > Microsoft – more than 8.5K unique phishing URLs
  • 4th > Netflix – more than 6.5K unique phishing URLs
  • 5th > WhatsApp – more than 5K unique phishing URLs (13467.67 Surge)

“Leveraging data from more than 600 million protected mailboxes worldwide, Vade’s machine learning algorithms identify the brands being impersonated as part of its real-time analysis of the URL and page content,” Vade Secure says

Bleeping Computer (source)

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