The number of hacking and phishing attempts are increasing each day as cybercriminals are leveraging the growing fear of coronavirus all over the world. They are continuously targeting individuals and companies with their sabotaging techniques.

Recently, an Internet security firm named Malwarebytes has found an email phishing campaign running in the wild that is using the World Health Organization (WHO) name to distribute an information-stealing trojan named FormBook.

In a phishing mail, cybercriminals are asking people to download a fake coronavirus e-book named, which is advertised to contain research on coronavirus global pandemic, as well as guidance to protect children & businesses. But in reality, it only contains a malware downloader called GuLoader.

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The email body content seems appealing but it has some formatting & grammatical errors if you look closely.

With the growing scare of coronavirus, employees working remotely and cybercriminals attempting phishing and malware spread, the risk of infecting the company’s networks and security risk of data thefts is showing a growing concern.

The World Health Organization have released a guideline for phishing prevention on their website.

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